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Diet Chart For Weight Loss

Along with exercise, diet is also important to lose weight, but many people do not have an idea that what kind of diet they have to maintain to lose weight and they also start consuming such things which make their weight even more. If there can be gain then basically in this blog you will be given a complete diet chart which you can follow to lose weight.

Indian diet to lose weight

From waking up in the morning till going to sleep at night Weight Loss Ke Liye Diet Chart lets start.


What to include in diet chart for weight loss

As mentioned above the complete diet chart. You can also include the following things in this diet

like :-

  1. spinach

  2. Apple

  3. watermelon or cantaloupe

  4. Dry fruits like peanuts and almonds etc.

  5. Porridge

  6. Egg

  7. apple cider vinegar

  8. Mixing honey and lemon water

  9. Curd / Almond Milk / Soy Milk

  10. avocado

  11. Lentils

What not to eat during weight loss

It is unlikely that weight loss can be achieved with unhealthy eating. If you really want to reduce your reason or lose weight, then there are some things which you Bye So definitely have to say. And believe me, as soon as you remove them from your diet, your body will start changing. First let us know what unhealthy food is – Momos, Pizza, Burgers, French Fries, Noodles, Maggi, Pakoras and all outside foods that are oiled or contain high amounts of sugar. During weight loss you Cold drinks, beer, soda drinks, excess salt, chocolates, ketchup, oil etc. Such food should be said bye-bye because all these are the food that accumulates fat on your body.

Food Choices

Fenugreek water

Drinking fenugreek water on an empty stomach in the morning improves metabolism and removes unwanted (toxic) substances from the body. And with this diet, fenugreek water can work like magic.

Lemon water

Squeezing lemon in hot water and drinking it flushes out the toxic elements of your body. Due to the good amount of vitamin C in lemon, it also gives glow on its face plus it proves helpful in reducing the accumulated fat in the body quickly.


A lot of nutrients are found in the kernel of small almonds. Eating some almonds fills your stomach. Due to the vitamin B and zinc present in almonds, it maintains the sugar level, due to which the body does not feel much fatigue. By consuming almonds continuously, your weight can be improved very well.

Black gram

Kala gram is very important for vegetarian people because you get a good amount of protein in it. You get 11 grams of protein in about 100 grams. And Kala gram is a very good source of fibers which is also helpful in controlling your appetite. Due to which the problem of overeating goes away and the weight starts decreasing automatically.

Green tea

It helps a lot in increasing metabolism, due to which your calories start burning more. So you must definitely include it in your diet.

Diet Chart For Weight Loss

Puffed rice and Makhana

Both these things look very tasty as well as many calories are found in them but it will fill your stomach completely. Eat it with tomato and onion and then you will enjoy it.

Turmeric milk

Boiling turmeric in milk and drinking it will be beneficial because it will not heat it again and will give some relief to the muscles which are suffering due to workout. If you get good sleep, then the weight will decrease quickly and the body will recover quickly.

How to make Soya Kathi Roll?

  1. Put olive oil in a pan (Ghee can also be used). Now add cumin seeds and cumin seeds, then add finely chopped garlic, add green chilies, add a little onion and then add tomatoes. Leave the fur to cook for a while.

  2. And then add soaked soya granules (soaked five minutes before)

  3. Now add spices like chili, black pepper, salt according to your taste.

  4. Make a roti, apply some mint chutney in it and give the stuffing of soya granules in this roti and add coriander or chopped onion according to your choice. Put some lemon.

  5. Now make roti rolls and now you can eat it.

  6. (Very good source of protein, vegetarians must eat it)

How to make Vegetable Dalia Pulao?

  1. Add a little olive oil or ghee, now add cumin, garlic and green chilies.

  2. You can also add bay leaves and pearl cardamom (optional)

  3. Then add peanuts (optional)

  4. Cook a little and then add chopped love and add some vegetables

  5. Then add some spices like turmeric, chilli, salt etc.

  6. Prepare the whole masala and then put roasted porridge in it.

  7. Now add some water to it

  8. Cover and serve it after 20 minutes.

  9. (Be sure to eat it during weight loss because it is very less in carbohydrates, then it will help more in weight loss)

Important Tips for Weight Loss

  1. Keep eating something every two to three hours instead of eating three full meals.

  2. Include more and more fruits and vegetables in your day.

  3. Do exercise.

  4. If you are not able to exercise, then definitely do yoga. Best yoga to watch (Yoga For Weight Loss)

  5. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Click here to know the amount of water according to the body.

  6. Whenever you eat something outside, it must be taken into account how many calories you are going to consume.

  7. Stay away from outside junk food because this is one of the main reasons for the accumulation of fat on your body.

  8. Do not even touch alcohol, beer, cold drinks, soda drinks because they contain the most calories.

  9. Stay away from sweets. It can be the enemy of your body.

  10. Reduce salt intake.

  11. Make green tea a habit in your daily routine.

  12. Follow the diet properly.

  13. Be sure to include cardio.

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